Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shaving Pubic hair for men?

What's fashionable for men to do regarding their pubic hair.Shaving Pubic hair for men?
shave the sack and crack, trim the upperShaving Pubic hair for men?
Just trim them, make sure it's not going up the base of your di*k cause thats not flattering. If you shave there's a chance of razor burn....and itchyness o and to a girl a guy who shaves makes it look like they have cancer cause theres no hair.
Dude my girl loved it when I shaved it all off. She was more comfortable with me and said it was much sexyer. I used the Norelco Body Groomer. easy and it makes it look bigger.
You either leave it, trim it or shave it. Or I guess braid it. :)
shave it all. its kind of sexy

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